MagicPath AI

The universal API for hyper-
scaling LLM businesses

Enhanced Access to GPT4, Output Evaluation
at Runtime, Superior LLM Performance,
Reliability, and Guardrails

Scale Beyond Your Limits and Increase Uptime
Get around rate limits & monthly spend limits with the MagicPath API. Fallbacks, predictive routing, and GPT4 as an LLM of last resort.
More Reliable Outputs
Leverage state-of-the-art guardrails & reliability measures that ensure more consistent outputs.
Smart, Automatic Model Switching
Our meta-model helps businesses get better, more affordable outputs, offloading easier queries to cheaper, faster models.
Output Evaluation at Runtime
MagicPath uses an ensemble of real time evaluation methods, the foundation for all of our services. This is where optimization starts: faster & better outputs, lower costs, more reliability.
Live Monitoring
Track analytics and usage breakdowns on the MagicPath LLM dashboard

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